Your Body as You Age

Age and Weight

Getting older has always been a trade-off between good things and bad things. When you reach your 30’s, you will probably start feeling a few more complaints from your body for things that never bothered you, but you also probably have a bit more stability in life than you did even just a few years ago. When you get into your 50’s, you tend to start to see a return on some of the things you have done in life, financially and otherwise. You are hopefully able to enjoy more freedoms than you had when you were younger, you can hopefully start taking it a little easier in regards to how much you work, and you hopefully have people that you can count on around you. Now if only your body would get the memo that things are supposed to be going great.

We tend to hear a lot of complaints from clients about their body as they age. This is especially true with women. Menopause and middle age tends to change a lot regarding how your body looks and responds to things. Your hormone balance is different, your activity levels have changed, and you never know from one moment to the next whether you're going to be sweating or freezing. You’ll probably also notice that you have a few more pounds than you did before and with everything else you suddenly have to deal with, that just doesn't feel fair.

It is important to stay active as you get older. Your body naturally starts to grow weaker if you don't stay active and this can also be a factor in your changing weight and weight distribution. One of the best ways to combat these problems is with exercise. With so much to worry about, however, this can very easily be put on the back burner. While a change in diet and exercise with age is important, it may not be enough to keep those problem areas as flat as they used to be. That is where body sculpting comes in.

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