Media and Body Types

Media and Weight

If you listen to what a lot of media seems to be saying, you may believe that there is nothing more important than being thin. Logically, we all know that this is silly and extremely untrue. Unfortunately, when we hear the same thing over and over it tends to stick in our minds. An idea can quickly and easily grow roots and it eventually become difficult to get rid of that idea. There is always a bit of pressure to be conventionally attractive and even though those standards are slowly changing, it can still be difficult to deal with the image that is constantly pushed on us. This is especially true when our natural body shapes don’t align with that commonly accepted image of beauty.

If you stand in line at a grocery store and look at the magazines, chances are you will see at least one with a cover that talks about how much weight this celebrity seems to have gained over the past few months or “easy tips” to lose weight. Instead of having actual news in these stands, it seems like it is nothing more than celebrity gossip, badly photoshopped headlines, and ways in which you could look better according to whoever writes the articles. While the media isn’t the only thing that we can blame for people feeling inadequate, the argument can be (and has been) made that it is a large part of the problem.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy with how you look. For some people, this means that they need to be thin and that’s okay as long as it is done through healthy means. Others prefer to have a little more weight on them, and there’s nothing wrong with that either! If, however, you find that you can’t seem to get to be the size you want, then we may be able to help.

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