One of the most common questions that we get regarding our PicoSure treatment relates to how obvious it is. Although there is a sort of stigma against looking older, there is also one against having any sort of procedure done to look younger. Many people that come into one of our offices in either Wake Forest or Cary, North Carolina feel like they would be embarrassed if someone they knew found out that they were meeting with us to have a PicoSure session. The great thing is that in addition to the incredible results that this treatment can provide, there is little to no downtime and the side effects are barely noticeable and short lived!
The procedure itself is short, most taking less than half an hour and some only taking about 10 minutes. Many people say that they barely feel anything as well while others liken it to a rubber band snapping against their skin. If you are concerned that you will be uncomfortable, however, you can request a numbing cream in order to minimize any pain that you may feel. It is rare that someone feels more than a small amount of discomfort, however, and with how short the procedure lasts it generally is not an issue for most people.
The actual treatment is hardly noticeable as well, which is wonderful for people who are self-conscious about having something like this done. Many only experience swelling and redness for a few hours, if that. It generally looks like a sunburn as well, so there isn’t much blotchiness to try and contend with. If you are still concerned about people seeing you with a red tinge to your face or other areas where you have the procedure done, you can apply moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup immediately due to the fact that the skin is not burned or damaged.
If you think that you may want to have a PicoSure treatment and get younger, healthier looking skin with little to no down time or pain, then go on our website or call and make an appointment. Here at ThinSculpting, we want you to feel great about how you look and this is another way that we can help you. You don’t have to worry about someone knowing that you’ve had treatment, you just need to show up and then reap the benefits of appearing to age backwards!