When summer rolls around, most people start to feel uncomfortable. I’m not sure of many people who enjoy temperatures in the 90°s or even over 100° given normal circumstances and even less so when it is humid out. I can tell you that personally, I have been camping out inside with air conditioning as much as possible for the past week or so while the heat has flared up. This obviously isn’t always an option for people, especially if they work outside. However, it can make us realize that there is a bigger issue if you are overheating far sooner than many of the people you spend time with.
When you are overweight, your body will naturally retain heat better. This is due to the fact that fat is an insulator. Heat is held in the body but lost through the skin. For someone who is larger, the surface area of skin isn’t proportional to the volume of the fat contained inside it. This means that there is a lot of heat fighting to get out and unfortunately it can’t at the same rate that someone thinner could have it happen. This means that if you are larger, you need to be much more careful about being outside and hydrating appropriately.
It is important to remember that we aren’t saying that if you are larger that you need to stay inside during the summer. Our point in posting this is to make sure that you are more cautious of your health in regards to heat. Heat related illnesses and even death are far more common than they should be, so please remember to listen to your body in regards to dehydration and get to a cool area if you start to feel sick.
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