If we’ve said it once, we will say it again: one of the most dangerous things that you can do is go on a fad diet. We know how difficult it might be to try for months or even years to lose weight, but jumping into a diet without doing proper research or talking to your doctor can be extremely damaging to your body. Often, diets that hit the mainstream do so because they show a large difference in a short amount of time. While we understand that no one wants to wait a long time before seeing a change on the scale, you have to ask yourself why these diets work so quickly. It is often because something important is missing from the balance, and that can be just as bad as being overweight.
What the issue comes down to is that everyone needs something different from their food. The nutritional needs of an accountant will be very different from that of a professional athlete. The athlete will need a higher calorie and carb count because they are extremely active. An accountant will likely need less food and things higher in protein and/or fiber due to a typically sedentary lifestyle. Again, everyone is different. It is important to discuss your dietary needs with a professional who knows what your daily life is like. The internet cannot give you a personalized plan, so you should never take a diet that you find on Google at full face value.
Here at CoolSculpting by ThinSculpting, we might be known for helping you get rid of fat but our main goal is to make sure that you are healthy and happy. It is difficult for us to ensure that you are doing exactly what you should be to lead your healthiest life, but we can always give advice and warnings where they are due. Needing to lose weight can make people feel desperate, but it is never healthy to simply stop eating or eat poorly. If you ever have a question about your diet, be sure to contact a licensed doctor.
If you are simply looking to target some fat, then call 800-8THIN-YOU and set up your free consultation in either Wake Forest or Cary. We will do what we can to get you the body you’ve always wanted without any fad diets. We promise that we can help you find the thin that is in you!