One of the things that gets glossed over a lot when talking about CoolSculpting here at ThinSculpting is the importance of diet and exercise. Although we have this incredible procedure that can help you lose weight, nothing is as healthy as watching what you eat and breaking a sweat on a regular basis. After all, your weight and measurements aren’t everything; your health is what really matters.
All too often, we forget that there is a difference between how a body looks and the health of the person in question. BMI, weight, muscle mass, etc. are only small pieces of the puzzle that makes up an individual. Certain measurements don’t take muscle into account while others don’t balance height correctly. A person may seem to have a larger build and be healthier than someone who is thin and “looks healthy”. It is important to remember that thin does not equal healthy and just because someone appears overweight it does not automatically mean that they are unhappy with themselves. Here at CoolSculpting by ThinSculpting, our main goal is to help people feel better about how they look but we also want people to truly be healthy.
Having a CoolSculpting procedure done will often give someone the incentive to start living a healthier life. After all, if you are working on getting rid of that last little bit of stubborn weight you likely have been trying for a while to keep your body in better shape. It is important to remember, however, that CoolSculpting isn’t an easy fix when it comes to an unhealthy lifestyle. You need to watch what you eat and how much you move in order to keep the figure that we can help you achieve through our FDA-cleared procedure. If you’ve worked this hard already, you don’t want to slip back into a relaxed habit when it comes to your health.
If you have any questions about how you can be a healthier person, come in and talk to one of our certified CoolSculpting specialists. We would be thrilled to help you love how you look both inside and out. Call 800-8THIN-YOU or use our online messaging tool to set up an appointment In Cary and see the thin that is in you. You may just be amazed at how much you enjoy the healthier things in life!