Time and time again, we see that the way we perceive ourselves has a direct impact on our mental health. This is especially true when we talk about weight. Weight is a sore spot for many people and it is often tied to self-worth and self-confidence. This is one of the reasons that eating disorders are taken so seriously in the medical community. When you have someone who is either eating too little, too much, or binging and purging, it can cause some serious problems both physically and mentally. Too often we find that people start to obsess over the number on a scale and it becomes dangerous.
Getting someone the proper help when it comes to eating disorders is extremely important. Although you may love the person, it is good to remember that we have trained professionals for a reason. Making sure that someone who has an eating disorder has access to the resources needed to recover is something that cannot be understated. The difference that professional help can make is, in many cases, literally the difference between life and death.
Even if you don’t believe that someone has an eating disorder, someone may still be having mental health issues related to their weight. Whether the issues stem directly from the dislike of their body or if the weight is a side effect of their mental illness, the two can be intrinsically tied. Often with disorders like depression, a person will stop taking care of themselves in certain ways due to their inability to go through many daily tasks. It isn’t abnormal for people with depression, anxiety, or other stress related issues to eat poorly. This can be eating too much, not at all, or not in a healthy way. In cases like these, you need to treat the mental illness before the habits and actions will get any better.
If you or someone you love is having issues with their weight and you believe that mental health is involved, it is important that you call someone. While we are not able to help the mental health aspect, we might know who can be of help. The main thing to remember is that just telling someone to lose weight isn’t always a solution. In fact, it might be damaging in the long run. Someone’s mental health is more important than their weight, so always seek professional help if you think there may be an issue.