This Procedure is Amazing
This procedure is amazing. But the staff helps take it to a whole other level. They make you feel comfortable from start to finish...starting with making an appointment for your free consultation to follow-up after the procedure.

-Jacqueline S.

Would Definitely Recommend
My experience was fantastic from the phone call setting up the appointment, to the consultation, the treatment and then after the treatment. I am so pleased with the results and the staff is the absolute best!!!! Would definitely recommend the procedure to anyone who wanted to shape up some areas that you are not happy with. Follow up with the staff was great.

-Susan S. (YELP)

Strongly Recommended
I had CoolSculpting at ThinSculpting in Raleigh last October and couldn’t be more excited about the results. The whole staff is professional, well-trained and highly skilled. I strongly recommend CoolSculpting by ThinSculpting.

-Lisa M.

Warm and Professional Staff
My wife just decided to try CoolSculpting and after a very informative consultation she signed up. The staff at ThinSculpting went out of their way to make her experience very enjoyable and she felt like she was visiting a spa rather than a CoolSculpting treatment. She meets with a number of other places prior to signing with ThinSculpting, including a cosmetic surgeon and the fact that ThinSculpting uses the new "mini" applicator help sealed the deal for us. The new mini is quicker, more effective and does a better job helping her get her figure back. And the most important factor is the only thing they do at ThinSculpting, is CoolSculpting. The prices were where they needed to be and she can't say enough about how warm and professional the staff is at ThinSculpting. We are sold on these guys!

-Mike (YELP)

Was Not Painful
My wife heard about CoolSculpting so I had my chin fat frozen and love the results! It was not painful and the staff was fantastic!

-Stan F.

Thrilled with the Results
I had the CoolSculpting procedure at ThinSculpting in Raleigh NC on my abdomen. I am thrilled with my results and was very impressed with the staff and the atmosphere. It was the best money I ever spent this procedure was made for me, I'm going back to treat other areas next month. I highly recommend the CoolSculpting procedure to anyone with stubborn pockets.

-Dena (RealSelf)

So Happy I Went
I went in for CoolSculpting at the end of December after hearing all the commercials and seeing ads. I went in rather skeptical but chose to do two different body sections: lower abs and flanks. The procedure itself is relatively painless - sometimes uncomfortable but not terrible. The worst part is having to have photos taken of the most embarrassing parts of you! They told me I would start to see results in 1-3 months and I won't see results after that. So, fast forward one month and I have HUGE changes. I can't wait to see the end in two more months! I already see such great results, I could be on the posters they have hanging up!! This is seriously the best money I ever spent. The person who helped me, Shannon, made me feel super comfortable {or as comfortable as possible in such an awkward situation) and is very knowledgeable. I trusted her completely. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I needed to - but thankfully, they took care of it already!! So happy I went!!

-Susan Y. {YELP)

Great Results
I had a wonderful experience getting my CoolSculpting treatment done here! The staff was very knowledgeable and I have seen great results!

-Sydney B.

Men Get CoolSculpting
I was glad to find out that many men get CoolSculpting. It didn’t hurt during the procedure at all and I didn’t have any downtime after it.

-Daniel S.

Worth Every Cent
I admit I was a bit skeptical at first but it works and is well worth every cent…Thank you to Morgan at the Cary office.

-Yvonne S. (Facebook)

Couldn't be more Thrilled
Granted, I may have the worlds lowest pain tolerance...my abdomen and "flanks" were a bit sore for a few days following my treatment. I called ThinSculpting just to double check that these sensations were normal and Lynne, the Practice Manager, couldn't have been more helpful!! She put me right in touch with my CoolSculpting Specialist who ensured me these sensations were normal, putting all my anxieties to ease. It's been about four months since my treatment and I couldn't be more thrilled with my results! Never in my life did I imagine I could have a flat stomach - and I finally do!

-Emily S.